DC Shorts 2016 Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 8–18, 2016

Showcase 3: "War and Peace"

This showcase runs approximately 120 minutes and includes all of the films listed on the page with time afterwards for Q&A with filmmakers. Due to the adult nature of some of these films, this showcase is appropriate for ages 18+.

6:30 PM — 8:30 PM

7:30 PM — 9:30 PM

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Thriller • United Kingdom • 8 minutes

When Walter steps on a live land mine in a remote field in England, he finds himself at the mercy of his wife Diane, who has recently unearthed a deadly secret buried in their past.

Operation Commando

Drama • Switzerland • 21 minutes

Brothers separated on different sides of a summer camp “war game”, will test the bonds of their brotherhood…and only one can be victorious.


DramaRomance • Belgium • 20 minutes

In the footsteps of her recently deceased war-reporter father, Lydia makes her first steps as a photojournalist during the bicentennial of the Battle of Waterloo.


Drama • United Kingdom • 15 minutes

Hannah’s life changes forever when she meets a boy from a forbidden part of town.

My Aleppo

Documentary • Syria, United States, South Africa • 18 minutes

In South Africa, a young family of Syrian refugees huddle around a laptop in their one-bedroom apartment, awaiting news from home.


Animation • Spain • 6 minutes

While two enemies fight each other on the battlefield’s front lines, their respective daughters await their homecoming.

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