DC Shorts 2016 Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 8–18, 2016

Lunchtime Sampler 2

Tuesday, September 12th
12:00 pm at E Street Cinema / Screening #1 – Fairness Rising and Raise to Rise
1:00 pm at E Street Cinema / Screening #2 – Late Show and I am Levester Joe Green II

Check out a selection of films from Street Sense’s Filmmakers Cooperative. Need a lunch recommendation? Check out one of our many Feed a Filmmaker Sponsors! Admission to the screening is Free!

Selections from Street Sense Highlight Filmmakers who are in Transitional Housing or Homeless!

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Fairness Rising

Documentary • United States • 29:01 Minutes

Washington D.C.’s Franklin Square is famous for its hundreds of unhoused patrons who congregate there daily. Less known is the stately building that haunts its eastern end: Franklin School, the shelter that used to house them. Formed in response to the shelter’s closing, People for Fairness coalition – an advocacy group made up of unhoused and formerly unhoused men and women – sought to stand up for themselves and the city’s most vulnerable, when they realized no one else would. Experience a year with these amazing men and women as they architect two powerful events that silently shake the city, portending an imminent political quake. They will stop at nothing short of housing for all, but will the brutal winters that increasingly claim the lives of their friends, family and those they serve silence their stride?

Raise to Rise

Documentary • United States • 29:28 Minutes

Experience D.C. General from the inside as a brave mother raising her two-year-old maintains a secret iPhone diary of their time at a shelter notorious for its uninhabitable conditions and structural neglect. This intensely intimate film looks at how one’s own childhood can lead to parenting a child under equally harrowing circumstances – and how one mother puts a stop to this suffocating feedback loop.

Late Show

Documentary • United States • 21:01 Minutes

A rented SUV departs the nation’s capital at midnight on Halloween. Its destination: Ed Sullivan Theater. The 55 year-old Morgan Jones is on a quest to become an intern on the Late Show in David Letterman’s last season on air, a bold effort by a hospitality management student to extricate himself from two decades stuck in transitional housing. In Letterman, Morgan sees a way out. Joined by six peers all struggling to survive in one of the nation’s most expensive cities, bent on helping their friend fulfill a dream, these 24 hours in the Big Apple result in an experience you won’t soon forget…

I am Levester Joe Green II

Documentary • United States • 31:23 Minutes

We begin at a crossroads. During a pounding snow, amidst record colds, Levester Green finds himself inside a hotel room on his last dollar. Levester must decide whether to once more attempt to navigate the labyrinthine social service system that has seen him homeless for nearly a decade, or to shun convention permanently and rely solely on his poetry to keep himself alive (if in spirit alone). Tonight an artist decides the rest of his life, but not before confronting his past…

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