Thoughts from Filmmakers who attended DC Shorts in 2014

“The festival was great! I only had screening at E-Street Cinema, which as a great facility. The audience was so kind and many people talked to me after the screenings. Loved to meet the festival staff and volunteers. Hotel was really good and, most important, my films had an excellent exposure.”

“DC Shorts was really excellent in arranging events for filmmakers to get to know each other. I also really appreciated how attentive and friendly the staff and volunteers were. It was an excellent festival experience and I hope to return again in the future.”

“This is probably one of the best film festivals I’ve attended. Not only concerning the feedback to the filmmakers, but also the commitment of Jon Gann with the filmmakers and with the films presented. You can see there’s a great passion in everything created by Jon to make this festival bigger and a very special one.”

“I thought it was an excellent festival. The parties especially where amazing.”

“I found it an extremely well managed festival. I thought the standard of films was very high, which made me very proud as a filmmaker to be included in the line up. I enjoyed the informal but very interesting Q & A sessions. A filmmaker friendly festival; with the judges reports, the amazing discounts on hotels (and the option to stay for free), the events, and the friendliness of all of the staff and volunteers. This really set it apart from other festivals I’ve attended.”

“This was the most organized and most filmmaker friendly festival I’ve attended. The extent to which Jon went out of his way to accommodate everyone was amazing, as were the fabulous parties, and great selection of shorts. The free and discounted meals around DC were brilliant, as were the open bars at every party (can you tell I like free things?). I thought the volunteers were always helpful and friendly and E Street Cinema definitely felt like home.”

“We had a wonderful time. It was well-organized and very filmmaker-friendly. The accommodations and communication were stellar. The parties were a blast.”

“It was awesome. Definitely one of the most organized festivals I have attended. The instructions after acceptance were super clear and easy to follow. In general, everything was clear and easy to follow.”

Thoughts from Filmmakers who WERE REJECTED from DC Shorts

“Thank you so much for your feedback! Although we are naturally disappointed not to be accepted into your festival, we really appreciate your comments, criticisms, and evaluations. The other few festivals we entered did not send us any information that would enable us to learn and improve. And as first time filmmakers, we are eager to improve.”

“I’m not sure if this email will reach the right person, but I wanted to say a huge thank you for providing the judges’ scores and comments – it’s incredibly helpful and I wish more festivals would do this.”

“I have submitted 3 times and rejected each time, Still, I love this festival because you treat the filmmaker with so much respect, your communication is terrific, and your feedback is helpful and thorough. You have no idea how professional you are compared to the other festivals that don’t communicate, treat filmmakers like they don’t exist, and act like all they want is the entry fee. Thank you.”

“My submission was not selected for the festival this year. It was the first short film I’ve been involved with, and our team has grown a lot in a the year since we did it. The judges feedback that we got from DC Shorts confirmed a lot of the feelings that we began having about the film issues. The unbiased feedback was invaluable and is the major reason I will definitely submit to the festival again.”

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