DC Shorts 2016 Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 8–18, 2016


Rock Bottom

ComedyDrama • United States • 12 Minutes

Winner of the Asian Pacific American Film Festival’s 2016 Script to Screen Contest: A twenty something year old woman is brought out of her funk by the six year old boy she baby sits.

Shabu Shabu Spirit

Comedy • Japan • 10:31 Minutes

A fiancé, Keita, goes to meet the family, the father, Shozo, begins his secret appraisal – a test to see whether this fiancé is worthy or not of marrying his daughter. Trying to reduce the distance between them, the mother prepares a single nabe (cooking pot) for the shabu-shabu meal. As Shozo’s eyes glint brightly, Keita reaches towards the shabu-shabu.

Lobster fra Diavolo

Comedy • United States • 14:11 Minutes

Nonna (Grandma) is about to prepare her linguine lobster fra diavolo as part of the traditional Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes. She calls on vegan granddaughter, Angela, to go get the live lobster. While Angela cannot say No to her beloved Nonna, Mr. Lobster has other ideas.

Teaser: “Sour Haze”

ComedyDrama • United States • 3:25 Minutes

East Coast Grow is a dramatic comedy series about DC’s marijuana industry. The series follows a group of industry professionals as they attempt to navigate DC’s landscape of medical cultivation and broader legalization with well-intentioned enthusiasm, which often results in more trouble than they expect.

Season 1 Episode 2: “Capital Chronic”

ComedyDrama • United States • 10:07 Minutes

Aldo and Darrin become suspicious of rival cultivation center, Quality Botanicals. Tia visits her ailing mother. Mike’s new friends at the nursing home have a business proposition.


Comedy • Australia • 6 minutes

At a school reunion, our socially awkward hero must win the girl of his Middle School dreams through a balloon battle with his old bully and school nemesis.

Just A Song

Comedy • United States • 5 minutes

A songwriter shares his new song with his girlfriend and things get a little weird.

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