Waiver Application

Complete the online waiver application. Be thoughtful with your answers. A panel will review the requests and grant waiver opportunities based on need, professionalism, and filmmaker track record.

If your application is approved, you will receive an email with instructions to create 5 pre-written social media messages to send out over the course of 5 days. When these are completed, a waiver code will be emailed to you.

In 30 words or less, describe why you believe your film is a good fit with the audiences at DC Shorts.

In 30 words or less, describe why you believe your film’s story is new or unique.

If accepted, my screening at DC Shorts (September 8-18, 2016) would be a…
World PremiereUnited States PremiereWashington, DC PremiereNo premiere status

I have previously submitted another film to DC Shorts

I have previously screened a film at DC Shorts.

I have attended or volunteered at past DC Shorts events.

We will review your application. Thank you.

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