DC Shorts 2016 Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 8–18, 2016

Showcase 4: "Prisoners of Circumstance"

This showcase runs approximately 120 minutes and includes all of the films listed on the page with time afterwards for Q&A with filmmakers. Due to the adult nature of some of these films, this showcase is appropriate for ages 18+.

7:00 PM — 9:00 PM

8:00 PM — 10:00 PM

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Drama • United States • 12 minutes

A dangerous forest fire threatens the faith and safety of a religious community in the Rocky Mountains.

Two Sisters

Drama • KoreaSouth, United States • 17 minutes

Two North Korean sisters’ breath stopping journey of defection.


Sci-FiThriller • United States • 12 minutes

Jenn lives in an underground bunker with her family, protected from the monsters that now ravage the world. This is the day that she goes outside…

Help I’m Trapped in a Movie

ComedyFantasy • United Kingdom • 9 minutes

A man wakes up in his dream of becoming the star of a Hollywood blockbuster, but it quickly becomes a nightmare when he finds he can’t control the plot.

Goodbye Charm City

Drama • United States • 18 minutes

A mother must decide whether she wants to encourage capital punishment upon the man who murdered her son.

People Like Us

Documentary • United Kingdom • 11 minutes

Resurrection After Exoneration, a charity based in the US,  battles to release those condemned to death in the US where scientific evidence can contradict the verdict.


AnimationComedy • United States • 10 minutes

A naïve roll of toilet paper in a gas station bathroom resolves to escape after the horrifying realization of what fate has in store.

Built to Serve

AnimationComedy • United States • 2 minutes

An on-the-run service-robot gets his leash yanked when the only thing between him and freedom is a little girl and her dead dog.

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