DC Shorts 2016 Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 8–18, 2016


Silent Sentinel

Screenplay • United States

On a night in 1917, Doris Stevens sneaks through a graveyard to meet with suffragist leader Alice Paul who is held in Washington’s District Prison.

Sermon by Committee

Screenplay • United States

Moments before Jesus is to deliver the Sermon on the Mount, His disciples decide it needs a bit of a rewrite.

One Child Born

Screenplay • United States

A Rwandan Tutsi farmer’s third child is coming. As he waits on his front porch for the midwife to do her work, his oldest son arrives home with the news that a Hutu mob is also coming.

The Battle of Xa Hoa Chau

Screenplay • United States

A group of American tourists in Vietnam have conflicting feelings about the war but are united in their devotion to photography. They are involved in an incident that echoes the American wartime role as an unwelcome and destructive intruder.

Ballad of Fargo Laredo

Screenplay • United States

A man believes he’s a Old West bounty hunter but after he finds a boy’s hamster and brings in an escaped convict he must return to his home.

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